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Title of the Innovation : Magnetic Fluid Vacuum Seal

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Magnetic Fluid Vacuum Seal

Magnetic fluid application technology

Magnetic fluid vacuum seal

Magnetic fluidStructure of the magnetic fluid seal

A magnetic fluid is a liquid that has the property of being attracted by a magnet.

Magnetic fluid (MF)
A magnetic fluid is a colloidal fluid, basically composed of the following substances:

  1. 1.Fine magnetic particles
  2. 2.Surfactant
  3. 3.Base oil

Magnetic Fluid Vacuum Seal

Specifically, Eagle Industry's fluorine-based magnetic fluid is composed of internally prepared fine magnetic particles, an internally synthesized surfactant, and a fluorine oil from NOK Kluber (NKL), an NOK group company. These materials we have developed are not easily imitable by our competitors.

A magnetic fluid attracted into the space between a rotating shaft and a permanent magnet forms a liquid O-ring, which seals the shaft.
The shaft in contact with the liquid remains wear-free. The magnetic fluid seal eliminates the need for a lubricant, making it suitable for clean environments.

Meanwhile, since the sealing is maintained by a liquid, magnetic fluids are not suitable for high-pressure sealing applications. For vacuum seal applications, a multistage configuration is provided, which distributes pressures to each stage to achieve sealing.