The objective of the workshop is to impart knowledge about Intellectual Property Rights in ASEAN Member State (MS) in order to promote technological growth of the nation, technology transfer process and facilitate networking between member countries.

Creativity plays a key role in building the foundation of innovation, and acts as a driving force for the growth of the nation. Thus, there is a dire need to protect the innovation, which is facilitated through Intellectual Property Right (IPR).

With the increasing relevance of Intellectual Property (IP) in this era of globalization, it is important to understand and recognize the role which IP systems play in the growth of the nation. The protection of intellectual property rights (IPRs) has increasingly become an important issue in multilateral trade negotiations. NRDC is a nominated agency by DST for the development of ASEAN India Innovation Platform (AIIP) Research Innovation portal. As a part of this project NRDC proposes to conduct this workshop which will focus on IPR as an effective instrument for facilitating technology transfer through ASEAN MS.


India is the largest country in South Asia region. Indian economy is the world's sixth largest by nominal GDP and third largest by purchasing power. Indian economy in 2017 was nominally worth US$2.611 trillion, it is the sixth-largest economy by market exchange rates, and is, at US$9.459 trillion.

India ranks second in terms of contribution to high-quality scientific research. India’s Engineering R&D (ER&D) Globalization and Services market reached US$ 22.3 billion in 2016 and is set to rise to US$ 38 billion by 2020. India has a total of 25 innovation centres in the country and has been ranked as the top innovation destination in Asia and second in the world for new innovation centres.

India’s world standing is 10th in patents, 6thin trademarks and 11th in Designs, this suffice that India overall stood at the 7th Rank globally in terms of IPR in the year 2017.

Indian union cabinet has also released National Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy in 2016 which designs future roadmap for IPRs. It aims to create and exploit synergies between all forms of intellectual property (IP), concerned statutes and agencies.


ASEAN, in full Association of Southeast Asian Nations, international organization established by the governments of Indonesia, Malaysia,  Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand in 1967 to accelerate economic growth, social progress, and cultural development and to promote peace and security in Southeast Asia. Brunei joined in 1984, followed by Vietnam in 1995, Laos and Myanmar in 1997, and Cambodia in 1999.

Under the banner of cooperative peace and shared prosperity, ASEAN’s chief projects centre on economic cooperation, the promotion of trade among ASEAN countries and between ASEAN members and the rest of the world, and programs for joint research and technical cooperation among member governments.

To signal ASEAN’s commitment to international diplomacy, human rights, and democratic values, its member countries signed the ASEAN Charter in 2007. The charter entered into force in December 2008. Among other things, the charter conferred legal personality on ASEAN, increased the frequency of ASEAN summit meetings, and established the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights.


About ASEAN-INDIA Relationship

ASEAN-India Science & Technology Collaboration formally started in 1996 with establishment of ASEAN India S&T working group (AIWGST). Initially, the collaborative S&T projects and activities between India and ASEAN were supported through ASEAN India Fund (AIF) but in 2008, a dedicated ASEAN India S&T Development Fund (AISTDF) with an equivalent amount of 1 million US $ was established jointly by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India, to support R&D projects and associated project development activities. The AISTDF was enhanced to an equivalent amount of 5 Million US$ through an announcement by Hon'ble Prime Minister of India on sidelines of ASEAN-India Summit in Malaysia in November 2015. The ASEAN-India Innovation Platform is the major element of enhanced AISTDF.

Key Themes of the Workshop

  • Learn the basics of IPR and its role in development of ASEAN MS.
  • Learn the process of technology transfer and commercialization
  • Presentation by IPR experts from various prestigious Indian organizations/ institutions
  • Networking between delegates of ASEAN MS
  • Provide a platform to the ASEAN MS to interact with the industry, academicians, startups, researchers, policy makers etc.


Who should attend the Workshop?

  • Senior government officials from various departments like science and technology, education, MSME, etc.
  • Senior Representatives of industry from sectors like Food & Agriculture, Health care, Pharma, Information Technology, ITES, Electronics, etc.
  • Scientists, Research Scholars, Academicians from renowned organizations
  • Intellectual property rights & technology transfer professionals


Program Details



1st April 19

Inaugural Ceremony Session

Invention and Innovation in Science & Technology

  • Concept of Intellectual Property Rights: The context, Basics and strategic implications for ASEAN MS
  • Types of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

2nd April 19

  • International Treaties and Conventions in IPR

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) filing and proceedings in ASEAN MS

Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

Panel Discussion

3rd April 19

  • Educational Trip

4th April 19

  • Technology commercialization strategy and Licensing
  • Collaborative R&D, Technology Development and Sourcing
  • Opportunities in various sectors of Science & Technology in ASEAN MS
  • Bilateral ties, agreements and opportunities amongst ASEAN MS’s

5th April 19

Leveraging innovation Ecosystem for Accelerating Start-ups

Innovation Ecosystem

Open Discussion, Feedback and Valedictory

Important Guidelines for Participants

The ASEAN MS delegates selected for the workshop will be provided with hotel accommodation pick & drop service from Airport to Hotel, one day educational trip.

  • Air tickets (low fare economy class) will be provided.
  • Delegates should arrive on 31st April 2019 at New Delhi.
  • Delegates will be provided maximum 7 days Hotel stay (Days: 31st-6th April 2019).
  • Delegates must attend all five days workshop at the venue.
  • Delegates are required to submit scanned copy of passport and other related documents upon receiving confirmation*.
  • Based on confirmation Visa will be provided to the delegates.
  • If any delegate desires to extend their stay in Delhi, then expenses have to be borne by themselves.


*A total of 30 (3 from each ASEAN MS) participants from each ASEAN MS will be invited to attend the workshop. The registered applications (through online) will be screened by their respective ASEAN MS. In case, nominations are not received from ASEAN MS’ authorized organization then secretariat will select jointly by Department of Science & Technology (DST) and National Research Development Corporation (NRDC), New Delhi, India based on applicant’s profile.

About NRDC

National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) is a Government of India enterprise, established in 1953 under the Ministry of Science and Technology, for promotion, development and commercialization of the technologies/ know how/ inventions/ patents/ processes emanating from various National R&D institutions. During its existence for more than last 6 decades, the Corporation have resulted in transfer of technologies to more than 5000 entrepreneurs in India and abroad and have filed more than 1700 patents on behalf of various R&D labs and Institutes in India, and in the process the corporation has also forged strong links with R&D Institutes from almost all fields of science in the country.

The Corporation’s endeavors has exported technologies to both developed as well as the developing countries like USA, Germany, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Senegal, Indonesia, Madagascar, Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Brazil and Bangladesh.


How to Apply

Interested candidate from ASEAN MS are requested to kindly register themselves online by visiting (https://tinyurl.com/nrdc-aiip), NRDC (http://www.nrdcindia.com/english/) or AISTIC (https://aistic.gov.in/ASEAN/aistdfInnovatPltm) website.


Last Date to Register: 10th April 2019